Our history

Doctor François Poitevin-Lavenu, founder

Our past unveils the future of health

Born in Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand, François Poitevin-Lavenu’s passion for botany was in the blood. As both his parents were dedicated pharmacists, his vocation, his fundamental respect for academia and science, his humility before nature and humanity, were set from an early age.

A vocation destined

As a child, he wore holes through the knees of his trousers playing on his father’s pharmacy floor and out on the rocky hillsides of the rugged virgin lands of Auvergne. It was here, among the pure springs that spray out in the midst of dormant volcanoes, that he would collect numerous plants. Later, he would help his father to sort and classify them – carefully and methodically. François memorised their names by heart, each written in Indian ink on the labels of glass jars, neatly lined up on shelves and shining out a thousand rays of light from their display cabinets. As a teenager, he never missed an opportunity to rush to his mother’s microscope to study the mushrooms that the most cautious villagers would bring to have identified by the expert doctor.

His inheritance? A love for plants

François Poitevin-Lavenu comes from a family rooted for five generations in France’s agricultural and scientific fields. His great grandfather was a pioneer and founder of the Lerebourg et Bisson Canning Plant, who back in the beginning of the last century, already understood the value of creating preserves made from 100% natural products from around the world.

At the age of twenty-nine, he became an agricultural holder of the family property in the Indre area, where his father had finally settled. It was here that this nature lover became passionate about the stories told by the elders, those who were the first to discover the healing properties of plants. Wanting to learn more, he delved into books, where the magic of plant science revealed itself, where each plant had its own story, its raison d'être.

For the willing listener, each has a tale to tell, much as when his parents told him stories as a child. As, too, did theirs to them. Soon François would proudly carry on the family tradition, establishing ArboSanté Laboratoires in 2014. It would prove to be an engaged, people-oriented company, with a core philosophy that brings humanity and nature together.

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Our values

We keep our feet on the ground

Each of our decisions is driven by strong values inspired by our Auvergne roots and a highly developed sense of nature. As a result, we create products that are in tune with the earth, with nature and with our values: humility, work, simplicity, pragmatism, usefulness, equity, liberty and engagement.

A people-oriented brand, commited to serving healthcare professionals

We create useful, high-quality products focused on people’s personal needs. Responding to continuous feedback from the medical and paramedical fields, our innovative products are constantly evolving.

Our philosophy

Welcome to La NaturaSanté© (NaturalHealth)

Bringing you the very best that nature has to offer

For over forty-thousand years, phytotherapy – the use of plants for medicinal purposes – has been the main source of remedies for known diseases. Using only natural sources, the practice supplies animals and humans with essential ingredients that can maintain health. Today, the effectiveness of herbal medicine has been proven scientifically.

And so, we are driven by the most elementary respect for plants and age-old traditions. By scientific evidence. By the highest standards guaranteeing product quality and safety. And finally, by products that are complete, refined and aesthetically appealing. It is this symbiosis of the benefits of nature and scientific expertise that we call “La NaturaSanté©” (NaturalHealth).