Agronomic expertise

The search for the right ingredient

To fully understand phytotherapy, it is essential to understand nature.

The forest

We come from a long line of agricultural and forestry experts. For several generations, we have been committed to environmentally friendly processes through a management plan that meets the Code of Good Forest Practice (CBPS). This know-how has enriched our knowledge, enabling us to pursue a new vision, offering phytotherapy products that are more relevant and reliable.

The earth

To produce the right ingredient, respect for the soil is everything. At ArboSanté, the plants we use are 100% GMO-free, chemical-free and non-irradiated. They are grown with respect for the soil, maintaining a healthy balance of nutrients, organic matter and microorganisms. As a result, you can be certain of the quality of the raw materials we use.

Aquatic resources

At ArboSanté, water is a major preoccupation. Firstly, because we come from Auvergne, a region rich in springs and volcanoes. And, secondly, because our Department of Research and Innovation is situated in Valais, a Swiss canton famous for the quality of its numerous springs and water streams born in the alpine glaciers. And of course, thirdly, because high-quality water is essential for producing high-quality natural products.

Agricultural expertise

As agricultural holders in the Indre area, strengthened by partnerships with farmers from all over the world, we pay close attention to scientific study of the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of agricultural practices. As a result, we keep up-to-date with the very latest research into assets, seed selection, respecting the seasons, modes of production, and plant cultivating, harvesting and extracting.

Scientific expertise

Developing innovate and effective formulas

At ArboSanté, we are committed to developing innovative, high-quality formulas. Thanks to our rigorous methodology, we produce the safest products with the perfect dosage. To achieve this, we have carefully assembled a team of experts, comprising the best professionals from all over the world, selected for their excellence and creativity. As Pr. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim said: « We must go to the evidence, without the researcher there would be no development. »

Nature is beautiful, so are our formulas

Creating beautifully designed, beautifully beneficial products

We have a golden rule: to put aesthetics at the service of the product and its user. Harmony, intelligence, elegance and subtlety are characteristics of all ArboSanté products. We pay close attention to aesthetics, because beautiful products deserve beautiful packaging.

That is why we ensure that our packaging conveys the care that goes into our precious formulas. For us, the pleasure of healing must also be reflected in the user-friendliness and aesthetic appeal of the packaging.